just because

i know what’s right and i know what’s wrong but that doesn’t mean i’m always doing the right things.

i know i should keep on moving, take it easy, have all the common phrases to avoid explanation. But i choose to face all of it, whatever comes into my life. i’m solid as a rock, i’ve nothing to fear of. by the way, fear is one of the feelings i can’t let myself to feel ‘cos it makes me weak and forces me to lie. i love being myself (except when the migraine comes to kick me in the ass), i don’t need to change or pretend to be someone else. this is me – if you like me, good for you then, take me with you in your pocket. but if you want something else, well, that’s not my business. you can’t make me move but neither can i. maybe we can meet halfway… i used to like this phrase but now it’s different. i know the wheels of life will turn me where i really have to go – and there’s no efforts to be done. so i can use my energies for all other things…

lying in the sun, staring at the mighty blue sky

singing on the bicycle road

not wearing make-up (try it, just one time…)

holding you close to me so i can feel your heart beating

sitting naked by the table, drinking tea

hoping for the best

but i know i’m a warrior so i keep my senses sharpened, just in case


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2015. július
h K s c p s v

“Nem énekelek, inkább sírok!”

...hypocrites, you're all here for the very same reason...

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