i should focus… focus on my work, on my everyday life… wait, but i have a life everyday!

he says he would change his life for me if… dear, you’re so cute, so honest, so fragile… and already wounded…

who did this to you? who made you so insecure so that you have to use all your energy to seem self-confident instead of just being happy? why do you have to try to escape from simple things like playing with the kids or reading a book (and just reading, no, i know it’s not possible) or enjoying your free time? really, there always should be something more, something to spoil happiness?

i tried very hard. tried to thinnk of all the bad things, loneliness, crying, longing for impossible, living in a cage, telling lies, starving, constantly hurting myself and all the ones i love. i tried to run away from this world but it found me.

so i decided to be free. and happy. this is for me



2015. július
h K s c p s v

“Nem énekelek, inkább sírok!”

...hypocrites, you're all here for the very same reason...