thank you for the light

this is the darkest hour of the night
no matter, where i am, what i do – even on ozora and sun festivals, drunken by the atmosphere, (de)lighted by 14 hours work, not thinking of what i’d left behind, being deeply in love – the end comes. the sky falls. monsters attack.
the time is frozen in blackness, sounds passing without echoing, breath catches inside. the memory is so vivid, i can see it even with my eyes closed – the whole world is dreaming, it’s only me sitting on the edge of nothing, waiting for the sun. waiting… is this what i really do? never had the courage to try anything else. maybe this is the time of magic, this is the hour when i could turn the time wherever i want to, this is the moment to set the whole world on fire, but no… it must be over and it must be very, very silent. i’m afraid i’m just going to die if i move, so i just sit without a sigh. no one can save me if i make a mistake. no one.. no one’s here, i’m hearing myself saying, so i really can do whatever i want, nobody can see me now!
breaking my cage, i walk to the open field, lift my face up to the sky, and finally, in the corner of my burning eye, i can see the sun. god is calling me… ‘you’re not alone… even when you see only one pair of footsteps, you have to know i’m here. on the most dangerous roads, i was carrying you in my arms’



2015. július
h K s c p s v

“Nem énekelek, inkább sírok!”

...hypocrites, you're all here for the very same reason...