into the void

this afternoon (yesterday, i mean) i came to work on high heels. Actually, not heels – they’re just a few centimetres on a plateau but while walking on the way, i heard the heels clattering like little hammers. For the shortest dress i dare to wear in public, they seemed to be rational accessories.

to tell the truth, it was the sound i really needed…something to feel strong… screaming to the phone – don’t dare to leave the city or I’ll kill you! go home and stay there! – well, wasn’t the best start of a long night shift… First of all, i wanted to curse julian the genius who texted me about the news from the border (not if i wasn’t concerned anyway) but he was unavailable and i had more important tasks than to wait for him to give a sign. plus, it was not his fault…that i realized only today how people are misled by the governement, the media and the migrants as well. i’m pretty sure we can’t stop the war but… really, could we use our energies to prepare instead of searching for someone to blame…?

during the night, i had the opportunity to watch the leaders of one of the leading political partie (khm…) spending their free time. was disgusting…dano suggested to invite the head to our flat (he was like ‘I want to talk to him about the coins’) and i had to ask him WHY should we let him in…? but thank you for making me smile, i really needed it…

my legs are still trembling but i know i can make it… i canwalk home on my high heels, in the shortest dress i dare to wear in public and feel beautiful ‘coz i have to…



2015. szeptember
h K s c p s v

“Nem énekelek, inkább sírok!”

...hypocrites, you're all here for the very same reason...